I was born and raised in a town between two rivers known as St. Louis, Missouri.  Growing up was quite rough because gang activity plagued my generation; therefore, much of my time was spent trying to escape the hard, cruel reality of so many people dying around me due to senseless violence.  One form of escape for me was writing.  I often wrote poetry or short stories reflecting on what was going on around me in my journal. 

At the time, I didn’t consider myself a writer.  I was more of an observer recording my thoughts about the world around me — a world that I struggled desperately to understand.   This desire to understand pushed me to be more knowledgeable, so I not only escaped into my own writings but I also started to learn more about history.  I started with learning about African American history because I didn’t know much about our past and my present reality only reflected the negativity transmuted through the media.  African American history held my interest deeply because I was amazed to find that generations prior to my birth, there were many successful African Americans who beat the odds of racism and slavery to become successful in one way or another.  The talent and success of these African Americans were my guiding light out of the criminal elements that surrounded me. 

My newfound interest in African American history led me to choose to attend Spelman College in Atlanta where I learned even more about successful African American, particularly women, who were and are still beating the odds.   I didn’t choose an English major or any creative writing coursework there.  Instead, I pursued history because I still enjoyed observing the past like I did while living in St. Louis.  But it was at Spelman that I started to see history beyond the American experience.  I fell in love with human history and this exposure to the past allowed me to start to revisit the possibility of writing after I graduated.  However, instead of just keeping a journal I decided to write with the intention of sharing it with the world.  I delved into writing fiction and non-fiction, blogs, scripts, and magazine articles in order to expand my writing skill.

I am still developing as a writer but this journey made me realize that writing is my passion.  I hope that you will enjoy this journey with me and hopefully you also will discover your passion – whatever it may be.  Life is too short to wake up daily to something you don’t believe in passionately.  Your spirit will never be happy settling for less than what you want. In the immortal words of Norman Vincent Peale “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”



M. L. Childs, The Script Anubis