Book Promotion – The Vital Sacrifice


What interest would a cult of semi-immortal genies have in this woman?


Get your copy of this thrilling supernatural fiction novel today!  Click the link below to buy, The Vital Sacrifice.  Don’t forget to follow my blog page and subscribe to my quarterly newsletter to learn about book giveaways and other freebies.


Purchasing Options For The Vital Sacrifice


Want to learn more about the characters in this tale?  Visit their Pinterest Boards here.


Images courtesy of (Clockwise from the top left)

“Fedor”  – ID 115479916 © Artofphoto |

“Anwar” – ID 127764761 © Valua Vitaly |

“Lawrence” –  ID 97367762 © Alberto Jorrin Rodriguez |

“Ali” –  ID 15563105 © Get4net |

“Teresa” – ID 27893286 © Javiindy |

“ChiKhan” – ID 1504233 © Masta4650 |

Disclaimer:  The images used in this post are stock images and are used for promotional purposes only.  

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